ABS plastic backing pad


For a longer lasting, quicker and better grinding

Eisenblätter developed the first flap disc for high speed angle grinders at the end of the seventies. With its innovative developments, Eisenblätter has set new standards in flap disc technology. Today,  Eisenblätter is one of  the leading manufacturers of flap discs worldwide.
In terms of removal capacity, service life and grinding quality, the flap discs that bear the Eisenblätter brands like the
MAGNUM® COOL TOP®, BLUE SHARK®, TIGER SHARK®, PLANTEX® and ZIRCOTEX®  rank among the best flap discs worldwide. The new patented production process guarantees unique technique and outstanding quality.



Unique patented production process

Eisenblätter flap discs are manufactured in a new patented production process. The flap discs are not heat cured. The optimal properties of the abrasive material are maintained 100 %, the grit does not dry out and the adhesive does not become brittle. This unique technique ensures the outstanding performance of Eisenblätter flap discs.

Environmentally friendly and harmless for your health

The supporting plate of all Eisenblätter flap discs does not contain any glass or mineral fibre, even epoxy resins are not used.
It is made of „food safe“ special plastic or natural fibre. In June 2005, the Gerd Eisenblätter GmbH was awarded the Bavarian Envrionment Prize 2005 for the unique hemp fibre supporting plate.


Safety first

Die neuartige Fertigungstechnik und der Trägerteller ergeben eine einzigartige, flexible und vibrationsstabile Verbindung. Der Trägerteller ist kälte- und wärmestabil, elastisch, vibrations- und geräuschdämpfend und unfallsicher.


Grinding until the last millimetre

The special supporting plate is "self-trimming" while grinding so that Eisenblätter flap discs like the MAGNUM® COOL TOP® 3,
BLUE SHARK®, TIGER SHARK® and PLANTEX® can be used down to the last millimetre.

Check the speed!

The right speed generally increases the service life of flap discs by up to 100% according to technical studies.
This is a major factor for ensuring low cost work. The perfect speed for flap discs is between 5,000 and 8,000 rpm.
They provide their optimum performance and service life if used within this speed range. Speed-controlled, powerful angle grinders such as the VARILEX® WSF 1600 Professional are ideal for working with flap discs.