Natural Fibre-Compound

Flap Discs with natural fibre backing plate.
We at Eisenblätter are especially proud, by the development and manufacturing of high-tech flap discs. As one of the fore-runners in this field worldwide, we are dedicated to bring people using our tools the best possible result. For over 40 years we have been using moder, unique materials to push our already high standards higher and higher.

TRIMFIX® Backing Plate – Natural fibre instead of glass fibre
Looks similar to glass fibre's structure but with numerous advantages in technology and application:

  • Viscoelastic, to grind a larger surface area
  • Environmentally friendly due to C02 neutral natural fibre
  • 100% Self-Trimmable
  • Reduced dust / no glass fibre dust
  • Heat-reducing properties
  • Great safety
  • Excellent in price and performance
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Cool grinding temperature
  • Highly flexible

Think Smart
Flap discs with natural fibre backing plate have numerous advantages, it damps vibrations, contains properties that increase grinding performance through an increase surface contact area due to the backing plate and this allows more grains to be in use. The larger surface area dissipates more heat allowing cooler grinding, meaning that the grinding does not discolour the workpiece or burn the cloth.

Can be used up to the last grain
The natural fibre compound backing plate is self trimming. The benefit of natural fibre does not just include easy trimming but also a non-harmful pleasant wood chip smell while trimming. This trimming allows the flaps to be used down to their last grain which is a large advantage over conventional glass fibre discs which can not be trimmed. The trimmed material can be simply disposed in household rubbish since it is made out of natural material.

Strength and Safety through FEM
Natural fibre offers a large amount of tensile strength due to their fibre construction, it also has a low weight and is insulated from the heat. The backing plates made from natural fibre are calculated using the fenite element method (FEM). This ensures optimal strength and safety with minimal material use. All flap discs with natural fibre high-tech compound backing plates are tested by the MPA (material testing Institute) in Hanover and is approved according to DIN EN13743 for 80 m/sec.

TRIMFIX® Product Attributes

Unique combination of high-tech abrasive cloth and natural fibre backing plate.
We are conscious of our future developments for the environment, operators and applications. Flap discs with a natural fibre backing palte instead of a plastic or a glass fibre backing pate were not available before - exclusive from Eisenblätter.

To be used on Eisenblätter VARILEX® angle grinders
or other standard angle grinders with tachogenerator.

Natural Fibre Backing Plate – totally free from glass fibre, unique and sustainable which reduces the users impact on the environment.

100 % developed and manufactured in Germany.


Large savings – due to the self-trimming allowing the user to use 100% of the disc.

High Tech-Abrasive cloth – outstanding removal rates and long-service life due to the high quality materials used.

Optimal workpiece adjustment due to viscoelastic backing plate.

Through the patents on Eisenblätter's production process, so only Eisenblätter's grinding discs are flexible. This also makes the work more efficient due to the higher contact surface area (more grains are used) and reduced grinding temperature.