New catalogue out now

New catalogue out now

24 November 2022


Today we are able to present our new general catalog 2022 to you.

Thanks to our new products, surface treatment is now even easier and more efficient.
Browse through a huge quantity of new and disruptive innovations in of grinding and polishing technology.

Here are a few highlights:

TRIMFIX® MUSTANG flap disc (page 36)
COLDSTEEL® RazorFlap® – the best of fiber and flap discs (page 56)
• Cutting disc MAGNUM® PRECICUT (page 28)
VARILEX® AKKU BRUSHLESS and VARILEX® 1100 angle grinder (pages 14 and 20)
PTX COMPACT HT, compact linear grinder with quick-change tool system (page 116)
• Pipe belt sander TOPRAIL 1100 HT (page 174)
ROLEI EF 115 PROFESSIONAL facetting device (page 202)
• and much more


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