Power Grinding with Compact Tools

Power Grinding with Compact Tools

2 December 2020


TRIMFIX® Heavy-Duty high-performance flap discs for efficient removal in the shortest possible time!
For shorter working hours and reduced labor coststhe ideal tool for shipyards, bridge construction and heavy steel construction.

The new Eisenblätter heavy-duty flap discs, TRIMFIX® HellFire® and SteelFire® Heavy-Duty with Ø 125 mm, achieve the stock removal rate of conventional flap discs with Ø 180 mm. In addition to the high-quality abrasive cloth used, the reason for this is the extra-wide lamellae and the patented lamella configuration: more abrasive cloth in an ideal arrangement on the backing plate ensures greater abrasion efficiency.

So z. For example, together with the high-torque VARILEX® 1802 HT angle grinder, working times can be enormously shortened and labor costs greatly reduced. Cost savings of up to € 28,000 per year and workplace are possible. The saved labor costs alone amount to over € 20,000 per year and grinder. 


In addition, the heavy-duty flap discs adapt perfectly to the workpiece thanks to the visco-elastic natural fiber carrier plate. The Eisenblätter exclusive natural fiber carrier plate also has a noise and vibration dampening effect and protects the environment and users (CO2-neutral), as no fiberglass is used in production. As with all flap discs with the TRIMFIX® natural fiber backing pad, 100% of the abrasive cloth can be used, as the backing pads trim themselves when sanding. And to make the disc change quick and easy, all heavy-duty flap discs have an integrated M14 thread. Disc change in seconds without a wrench or clamping screw.

Eisenblätter Heavy-Duty: the new generation of high-performance flap discs for maximum stock removal in the shortest possible time!

TRIMFIX® HellFire® Heavy-Duty:

1 disc and 1 grit for all metals! The innovative ceramic hybrid disc.


TRIMFIX® SteelFire® Heavy-Duty:

Fastest steel removal of all known flap discs.


VARILEX® 1802 HT angle grinderthe torque miracle!
The ideal tool for shipyards, bridge construction and heavy steel construction.

Since the beginning of the "ceramic age" with flap, fiber, cutting or grinding discs, the performance demands on hand-held electrical devices such as angle grinders increased enormously. Many devices cannot withstand this additional load of friction and contact pressure in the long term. Grinding machines overheat in a very short time, switch off automatically or anchors and field packages simply burn through.

Eisenblätter has faced this challenge as part of the further development of its ceramic flap discs. The new VARILEX® 1802 HT (High Torque) model has been further developed accordingly and now meets all the performance requirements for ultra-modern, ceramic grinding wheels of all kinds.

It is already one of the most robust and powerful one-hand angle grinders in the world and is 100% manufactured in Germany.

VARILEX® 1802 HT: the torque miracle

Also available as a CAS battery machine: VARILEX® AKKU PRO HT


Polishing at the highest level of performance:

Because of the high braking effect during polishing work, particularly high performance is expected from polishing machines. Thanks to a new, specially developed drive motor with a new type of planetary gear, both Eisenblätter polishing machines achieve an enormous torque that is second to none.


Over 1,750 watts of power and the newly developed planetary gear provide the necessary power and a high life expectancy that make this professional device a long-term runner. This polishing machine is ideally suited for cleaning work, fine grinding or polishing of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. We recommend the HOOK & LOOP system for quick tool changes.

VARILEX® POLISHER HT: The endurance runner among polishing machines. Eisenblätter quality made in Germany.


Many battery-operated polishers often do not have the necessary performance as comparable, current-dependent machines. With the VARILEX® POLISHER AKKU, Eisenblätter is bringing a cordless polisher to the market for the first time, which does not have to hide from power-connected devices. This is made possible by the sophisticated planetary gear and the LiHD high-performance batteries used. So you can work efficiently on the go. In addition, a specially encapsulated field package ensures a long service life.

VARILEX® POLISHER AKKU: The first battery polisher with real power haspower like from the socket.


PINLOC – the new quick change system from Eisenblätter
A multitude of discs for a wide variety of uses, from rough grinding to mirror polishing on all metals!

Thanks to the new PINLOC quick-change system from Eisenblätter, changing discs is now even easier and faster. The discs are attached to the backing pad by simply turning them on.
All Eisenblätter PINLOC products are compatible with comparable quick-change systems with 1/4 “thread available on the market! For use with angle grinders, the PINLOC backing pad is also available with an M14 thread.

To get to know our new PINLOC discs, we offer the PINLOC starter set (item no. 15001). In addition to the matching PINLOC backing pad, it contains various discs with diameters of 50, 60 and 75 mm for applications from rough grinding to mirror finish on all metals.

PINLOC starter set (37 parts)

Highlights from the PINLOC systemexclusive to Eisenblätter:

PINLOC HellFire® disc

Unique, innovative ceramic hybrid technology: 1 disc and grit for all metals. Stock removal rate like grain 40 with grinding pattern like grain 60.

PINLOC Cool Top® flap disc

Extremely long service life and high stock removal rate. Uniform, clean grinding pattern without discoloration of the material, adapts ideally to the workpiece.

PINLOC Decofinish Scheibe

Open-pored construction for a particularly fine and decorative finish on all metals, hard plastics and woodto be achieved in a flash. Depending on the contact pressure, fine weld seams and points or deep scratches are removed at the same time. Extremely tough and durable, does not smear. Resilient, cooling properties for optimal workpiece adaptation and smooth grinding transitions. Ideally suited for pre-polishing.


For the preliminary and main polishing.

Polishing material pre-soaked with BRIGHTEX® polishing paste makes the annoying and time-consuming application of pastes and creams superfluous. Gives untreated metal a shadow-free mirror shine. Ideal for use with polishing machines and hand-held polishing devices.



For a high gloss finish.

Polishing material pre-soaked with BRIGHTEX® polishing paste makes the annoying and time-consuming application of pastes and creams superfluous. Gives untreated metal a shadow-free mirror shine. Ideal for use with polishing machines and hand-held polishing devices.


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