Significantly improved: BLUE SHARK® Elastic flap discs

Significantly improved: BLUE SHARK® Elastic flap discs

17 July 2020

After numerous tests, we decided to use a new, improved fabric on our BLUE SHARK® flap discs in the future. The choice fell on a 100% pure zirconia fabric from a German manufacturer, which has been manufactured exclusively for our production for a premium product for many years and which promises constant, high quality.

Our extensive test series clearly show an increase in material removal, durability and versatility compared to the mixed zircon fabric used up to now (approx. + 10%)!

Visually, the new fabric differs in a darker, richer shade of blue. The imprint of the carrier plate remains unchanged.
Despite additional costs in the procurement and production, the current prices remain to support you in these times with improved quality without additional costs.
The changeover for grain 40 will take place shortly. The other grain sizes will be changed as soon as the stocks of the old tissue have been used up.

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Previous version with mixed zircon

Future, improved version with pure zircon


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