POLY-PTX® SuperPolish Sleeve

90 x 100 mm
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POLY-PTX® SuperPolish Sleeve is available for purchase in increments of 4
Suitable for all metals. For use with a POLY-PTX® Expansion Roller & polishing pastes or polishing cream only
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Revolutionary special fleece. In combination with polishing pastes and creams, it achieves a brilliant mirror shine on VA and non-ferrous metals without streaks and shadows.

• Ideal for use with polishing machines and hand-held longitudinal sanders.
• Ideal speed 1,000-3,000 min-1.
• Maximum speed 5,000 min-1.
• Only in connection with a POLY-PTX expansion roller.

Note: Always use an extra SuperPolish tube for each paste and cream so as not to mix different grain sizes.

Weight/Pcs (KG) 0.0250
Scalepricegroup SuperPolish Sleeve 90 x 100 mm
Ideal speed 1.000 - 3.000
Max. RPM 5000
EAN number 4055054000830

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