Eisenblätter is a unique brand for handheld grinding tools and machines, which exemplifies our company’s ideals. We demonstrate a high standard of performance, professionalism and have achieved a large degree of success. Irrespective of what our competitors do we are excited to push the boundaries and redefine the top standard for the industry. We have been doing this since 1972. Our products shall always be the best and always unique.

The Company

Eisenblätter develops and manufactures innovative grinding, polishing and cutting equipment with an international scope.


The heart of Eisenblätter lies in Bavaria, in Geretsried beneath the alps where the first product was produced. This is where our family company was founded and continues to manufacture high quality products to be shipped around the world.

The Products

The products are defined by the use of the newest technologies, modern design, innovative engineering and high quality with industrial use in mind. We have grown to be one of the largest flap disc manufacturer’s in the world with over 10,000m2 of production space in Geretsried.


Our customers and partners from around the world are convinced by our constant improvements, “Legendary, products and systems,” trend-setting ideas and ground-breaking advancements. Many international distributors world-wide operate using our private label of Eisenblätter.


The Flap Discs

Flap discs for high speed angle grinders is a core competence for Eisenblätter. A core element of our products is the usage of innovative technologies, modern design and materials of the highest quality.


Eisenblätter is a leading company
in the grinding and polishing industry.

Brand Values


Design at Eisenblätter is of great significance, which you can see even with flap discs where haptics, appearance, colour and the properties of the material can have an influence on the quality. To design the flaps correctly and in the optimal order simply leaves you with better results.


From the beginning of the company, Eisenblätter always pushed innovation and product enhancement in the grinding and polishing world where we continue to change the landscape of the field.


We have kept a friendly relationship with our partners and customers for many years, but our professionalism stays the same. We want to be flexible while still working towards the company’s targets. Friendly but not intrusive. We want to always keep an open dialogue between us, our partners and our customers. This open dialogue allows us to give exceptional after sales service.


Of course, Eisenblätter produces handheld grinding machines and tools for surface finish and refining, yet we have a clear consciousness regarding what we do. For as a company we see it as our responsibility to minimize our environmental impact and the impact on the society.


We are making legendary better. This phrase is the simplest way to demonstrate our quality orientated thinking. No product here remains the same for long. Each of our products is tested in a laboratory, for this is the only way we can assure the product aligns with our brand.

Our high-tech laboratory

A brand is only as good as the quality of its products. Therefore, all products are spot checked in our own laboratory with modern equipment. By doing so, we can assure our products will remain at the same high standard of quality that Eisenblätter is known for.


Eisenblätter. Simply Better Ideas.