Eisenblätter's battle against mill scale!

Geretsried, May 4th, 2023: With the Eisenblätter CLEAN-MIX cleaning discs and wheels, two innovative products are being presented that are ideal for removing mill scale and scale. Eisenblätter CLEAN-MIX: the fastest way to descale metal − strong cleaning effect and long service life!

Mill scale or scale is an adherent, blue-grey layer of various iron oxides that is created during the steel manufacturing process. In most cases, this layer has to be removed not only for optical but also for technical reasons.

There are various mechanical, chemical or electro-chemical processes to remove scale from metal surfaces: For example, so-called scale washers (mechanical) are integrated in the rolling mills for forming the steel, which remove scale from the steel with high water pressure. Workpieces can also be freed from scale in pickling plants (chemical) in various acid baths. During electro-chemical descaling, the steel is immersed in an electrically conductive bath. All of these methods are either complicated, expensive or time-consuming. "Even the most aggressive cleaning discs or brushes bite their teeth off the scale," says Gerd Eisenblätter, CEO of Gerd Eisenblätter GmbH, and continues: "Here, the working time really stays on the workpiece. Therefore, we have made it our task to develop a new type of cleaning tool − specifically for removing stubborn scale.”

After numerous test series of different combinations of abrasives, Eisenblätter has now succeeded in bringing two cleaning tools onto the market that declare war on scale. “This is our ultimate weapon against Tinder. You can remove scale in just one step with our new CLEAN-MIX products!” says Gerd Eisenblätter. The new cleaning disc MAGNUM® CLEAN-MIX and the new CLEAN-MIX wheel consist of a sophisticated combination of elastic, granular CLEAN material made of nylon fibers and ceramic grinding flaps. These special ceramic intermediate layers in the material provide the necessary, increased grinding effect to remove scale from the bare base material in seconds. "Due to the open, elastic fabric pores of the CLEAN material, the products do not clog and achieve a kind of sandblasting effect on metal surfaces. However, the composition of both materials must be precisely matched to one another, otherwise it won't work,” explains Gerd Eisenblätter. “Working with just pure CLEAN discs is very tedious, time consuming and really just polishes the scale. With our new CLEAN-MIX products, on the other hand, you have the ideal tools at hand to remove scale, mill scale and other stubborn dirt in a flash. Everyone who is plagued by Tinder should try this new technology and be convinced. Because the time saving is unprecedented!”

All CLEAN-MIX products are now available: The cleaning disc MAGNUM® CLEAN-MIX (Article No. 96704) for use on speed-controlled angle grinders or polishing machines, e.g. Eisenblätter VARILEX® 1802 HT or VARILEX® POLISHER HT. And the CLEAN-MIX wheel (item no. 44018) for linear grinders such as Eisenblätter POLY-PTX® 802 HT or POLY-PTX® AKKU HT.

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